Friday, 4 February 2011

My First Week at School

My first day at school was on Wednesday. It wasn’t my very first day though because I had four visits at the end of last year.

20110202a Kathleen's first day of school

I am in Room One. My teachers name is Mrs Swanson. There are four boys and two girls in my class. I sit at the same table as Kayleigh. I have my own cubbyhole where I keep my hat and my pencil case.

20110202b Kathleen outside her classroom

On my first day Mrs Swanson took us to see the school pool and the library. I brought my swimming togs to school every day this week but haven’t been in the pool yet. At the library I chose a book about an elephant. I wrote the alphabet two times, once in upper case and once in lower case.

On my second day I wrote the letter K on a piece of paper and coloured it in with crayon. Then I painted dye over the top. We all took our letters to see this man called Mr Orr (mummy told me he’s the principal) and he gave us each a sticker. I also have a sticker chart in my classroom. I got two purple frog stickers on it today. One was for quietly finding an activity to do, and the other was for reading quietly. And we made envelopes for keeping gold slips in.

On my third day I had a picture of a girl and I had to put clothes on her using collage. Rooms 1, 2 and 3 all went to the assembly room and we sang songs. I didn’t know the song but it had something about Sunshine and Boogie in it. At lunchtime it was too wet to go out so Rooms 2 and 3 came and joined us in our room and we played games.

20110202e Koputaroa School


Friday, 21 January 2011

My Birthday

My birthday was very nice. I got some princess stickers and a spirograph. I made a lovely picture. I got a computer game called Spy Fox.

20110121e Kathleen opens presents

I went to the library school holiday program. I saw my friend Lucy and I saw Ben from school. I saw Zappo the magician. Victoria and Mummy and Daddy came too. I got given a book to keep and an award necklace.

We went to the swimming pool park and played. We had lunch at the movie theatre. My dad thought I was going to the dentist but he was wrong. I was going to the movies to see a movie called Tangled. It was about a princess called Rapunzel. I liked Rapunzel’s friend because he was funny.

I went to Fisherman’s Table for dinner because it is my favourite restaurant. I had a lovely salad and chicken. I watched the waves and the rocks through the window but I didn’t see any whales. I had a chocolate and caramel ice cream for dessert. I drank a Pink Panther.

20110121q Kathleen at Fishermans Table

I had a really fun day.


Monday, 3 January 2011

Kowhai Park

I went to a cool playground in Wanganui.

20110103b Kowhai Park, Wanganui

I played on almost everything.

20110103o Kathleen swinging

I went there with all my friends – Caliope, Lulu, Tina, Phoebe, Wayne, and with my Mummy and Victoria.

I liked the water sprinklers and I liked the Helter Skelter slide.

20110103q Kat under the water sprinkler

I had Subway for lunch. I had an ice cream too, it was banana berry flavour. It was really sunny.

I liked the pirate ship very much. I liked exploring it.

20110103i Pirate Ship, Kowhai Park, Wanganui

I’d like to go back there one day because I’ve only been once.


Thursday, 22 April 2010


Last week it was Easter. We went away to Auckland for the weekend. There was me, Mummy, Daddy, Victoria and Mimi. We went to Auckland to see Aunty Gayle. And then at the end of the weekend we took Mimi to the airport and she went back to America. I miss Mimi now.

While we were in Auckland we stayed in a hotel. The best thing about staying in a hotel was that I got to sleep in the same bed with Mummy. Mummy, Victoria and I had one room, and Daddy and Mimi had a different room. We also had a TV in our room! And I got to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and In The Night Garden and Scooby Doo and lots of other cartoons.

20100403b Kat, Vicky and Mimi at the hotel

The other cool thing was that the Easter Bunny left me and Victoria some chocolates in the hotel garden. We searched all over the garden for our eggs. My last one was very hard to find. We got five eggs each. Then when we got back inside to our room we found even more eggs on our beds!!!

20100404ao Easter Egg hunt

We went to Auckland Zoo with Aunty Gayle. There was a "fruit hunt" where you got a map of the zoo and you had to look around for the different fruit posters around the zoo. I found five of them (the orange, the passionfruit, the mango, the kiwifruit and one other) but I didn't find the mandarin or the pineapple. I was very disappointed when we had to leave the zoo even though I hadn't found them yet. Oh yeah, I also saw some animals.

I also got a new Barbie DVD. Daddy gave me Barbie in a Mermaid Tale which is the newest one, and we watched it in the car and at Aunty Gayle's house and at the hotel. Then when we got home I got Barbie in the Princess and the Pauper and now I have ALL the Barbie movies!!!

Love Kat

Monday, 22 February 2010

My Birthday

My birthday was in January. I had a birthday party. My friend Erik came and so did Jamie-Lee. I asked Carmel to come but she couldn't so I was sad about that. We played pass the parcel and musical cushions. Mummy made me a teddy bear birthday cake. I got lots of presents too. Mostly things for my hair, like headbands and hair ties.

20100116p Kathleen's birthday party

My birthday party was at the weekend but my birthday was actually during the week. So on the day it was my real birthday I got even more presents. I got a music box with a Pegasus on it, and a brand new bunk bed! I also got some princess books. My favourites are Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. I got to have lunch in Palmerston North with Daddy and choose which sheets and blankets I wanted for my bed. And I got a CD player so I can listen to story CD's in bed.

20100121k Kathleen's birthday presents

Now I am four. I can't start school until I'm five although I'm SO ready as Mummy says. I'm one of the older ones at my preschool now. Mummy and I went on a visit to Koputaroa School where I'm going to go and I already know half the children in the Year 1 class. My friend Ashley goes there too and she is in Year 2. Mummy said there is a school one day a week for four year olds and I'm really looking forward to doing that.