Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Watch out world ... Here I come !

Hey guess what everyone ... I have two hands! And two knees!! And two feet!!! And if I get them all moving in the same direction, I can get places!!!!

And I've discovered that there is just soooo much to play with in our house. There's the X-box, and the PC, and loads of DVD's and CD's, and the coffee table, and the heater. And they are all within my reach now!!!

My only complaint is that it takes me ages to get across the room to reach these new toys, and as soon as I get there Mummy comes and takes them away from me. Waaaaa!

But I'm mobile now and I'm on my way. Today the living room ... tomorrow the world.


Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Mummy's Little Helper

Someday I'm going to be big enough to help my mummy around the house, just like the little girl in this video does.


Thanks to Aunty Lou for the inspiration.