Monday, 2 October 2006


I love playing games. My favourite games are:

PEEKABOO. Daddy or Mummy will throw a towel on my head and I can't see anything until I pull it off. It's lots of fun. Sometimes they put it on their head and I get to pull it off to see if they're still there or not. Sometimes I pick the towel up myself too. Another variant of this game is when they hide behind the couch - see below.

CHASING Mummy and Daddy around the house, and finding them when they hide around corners. Mummy or Daddy will crawl down the hallway and I will crawl after them, chasing them, squealing my loudest war-cry. They are still faster than me and they will hide behind the couch or in the bathroom and then jump out at me. It's really fun.

ZERBERTS. I don't think zerberts are funny when people give them to me, but I absolutely LOVE giving zerberts to Mummy. I do them on her tummy and she laughs so much. It is really, really funny. Watch this and you'll see why: