Sunday, 19 November 2006

Guess who I saw today

20061119h Santa

Mummy took me to see a parade today. I saw a whole lot of people walking and driving past and waving. I'm really good at waving - maybe I should have been in the parade too! But I was too busy looking at everyone to wave back today. Actually I don't know who the guy in the red suit is, but Mummy said I would come to love him in the next few years.

Here's a conundrum for you ... Is the following a picture of a Rose amongst the Thorns, or a Thorn amongst the Roses??? Haha!

20061119m Baby amongst the roses

-Love Kat

Saturday, 4 November 2006

Lessons in Life

Lesson # 1

If you annoy the pussycats you will get scratched.
If you continue to annoy the pussycats you will get scratched again.

20061025b Don't annoy the pussycat

Lesson # 2

When you are learning to stand up, not everything is safe to stand against. Sometimes things have wheels and they move when you stand up. And then you fall and hurt yourself.

20061026a Ow-ie