Monday, 4 June 2007

My Middle Name is Mischief

I love to help my Mummy around the house. She says I'm such a big help. I'm very good at loading the laundry into the washing machine. And taking it out. And putting it back in. And taking it back out.

Here's a picture of me helping Mummy to do the baking. The fact that she was outside at the time hanging out laundry, and the fact that I got into the cupboard by myself is irrelevant. I wanted to make some bikkies...

20070509a Kat got into the baking cupboard

Here I am driving the truck when we went to Palmerston North the other weekend. It's a bit of a problem reaching the pedals though.

20070514a Helping Lou move house

Here I am mopping the floor. What a big helper. Of course this was after I tipped the cat's water bowl all over the floor.

20070525a Cleaning up my mess

And, lastly, here I am helping to put the clean litter into the rat cage. I think maybe more of it ended up on me than in the cage. LOL!

20070603b Kat helps clean the rat cage

Love Kat