Saturday, 28 July 2007

Bye Bye

Uncle Runkle and Auntie MardieBye Bye Uncle Runkle and Aintie Maidie and Poppa.

Yesterday we all went to the airport. I saw the planes. It was neat.

Poppa and Auntie Mardie and Uncle Richard all got on a plane with a kangaroo on it. Then they went away. Mummy said I won't see them for a long time. Mimi was crying. I was sad too. Mummy says they have gone to America but I don't know what that means. Mummy says I went to America once, but I don't remember.

This is a photo of Uncle Runkle and Auntie Mardie, taken up at the mountain. Which is when I started calling him Uncle Runkle instead of Uncle Richard. I had lots of fun eating the snow. That was my favourite part. Mummy and Auntie Mardie and I went down the mountain on a sled. It was fun and scary at the same time. It was a very long drive to get to the mountain and to get home again. I liked spending the time with Mimi and Auntie Mardie and Uncle Richard but I also got very tired and it was good to get home again.

-Love Kat

Monday, 9 July 2007

Mid Year Xmas

Last weekend we celebrated what Mummy and Daddy called a "Mid Winter Christmas". I call it "present time". I got loads of really cool presents including lots of warm winter clothes and some great books. My new favourite book is Nurse Nancy.

The funny thing about some of the presents though, is that they seemed kinda familiar. Check out these photos and you'll see what I mean...

20070120aj Kat's first birthday party
Here I am on my birthday opening a present with Mummy. Some little farm animals from Aunty Tina. I never saw them again after this.

20070701c Opening Mid-Year Xmas Pressies
Then here I am again last week, opening what looks like the very same box. I wondered where those animals got to. I love playing with them now and leaving them all over the house for Mummy to find.

20070120ar Kat's first birthday party
Once again, this photo was taken on my birthday and shows me unwrapping an electric keyboard piano from my Mimi and Poppa.

20070701a Opening Mid-Year Xmas Pressies
Then here I am again six months later unwrapping the very same keyboard. I love playing music on it. There is a demo button that plays the same three songs over and over again. I LOVE IT. Mummy even learnt to play some of my favourite songs like Old McDonald.

I guess it doesn't matter if I've seen them before, because there's nothing quite so much fun as ripping paper and opening presents. It's almost as much fun to play with the paper as it is the present.

Love Ya ... Kat