Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Merry Kerfa

I love Christmas, but I call it "Kerfa"

I saw Santa the other day. Mummy and Daddy took me to meet him at the shopping mall a couple of weeks ago. I sat on his knee and he gave me a storybook. Then last week I also saw him at playgroup. He gave me a stamp on my hand and some chocolates. Then last night Santa CAME TO OUR HOUSE! I didn't see him but he left me and Victoria lots of presents.

20071215a Kathleen and Santa Claus

Santa gave me a Dora tricycle to ride outside, and Aunty Lou gave me a Dora ride-on car to ride inside.

20071225g KirfaI also got...
  • 4 Dr Seuss books, a moving pictures book, a book about colours, The Little Engine That Could, a Spot book, Just Me & My Dad, some Little Princess books, and a peekaboo book

  • 3 top & pants outfits, 4 dresses, a geek t-shirt, a summer hat, a pair of sandals, and my favourite Dora PJ's

  • And I got a puzzle and some DVD's (Sesame Street and Electic Company). I also got a Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy doll, but Mummy said I have to give one of them to my sister.

My sister got lots of presents too. Mostly she got clothes. But she is too little to open the presents so I was allowed to open all of hers as well. Cool.

Daddy took me to the playground on my trike and I played there. I played hopscotch and I played with the sticks and stones. Who needs expensive presents anyway...

I really wish it was Kerfa every day.