Saturday, 16 February 2008

My birthday

Last month it was my birthday but I haven't blogged yet because Mummy's been too busy to let me get on the computer lately.

I had a great time on my birthday. I got lots of really neat presents. My favourite is the Little People blocks. Thank you Aunty Tina. I love to play games with the Little People figures. Sometimes I make them go shopping or to the movies or the jungle or to rescue each other. I love making up all sorts of games and stories.

20080121ac Opening birthday presents

Also for my birthday I got some books and clothes, and some Play Doh and a Blackboard. I like to play with all my presents. I also got a tea set and I love to make cups of pretend tea for my Little People and my teddy bears, and of course for Mummy and Daddy.

We went to the Teddy Bears picnic last month. It was fun. The day before I had my own teddy bears picnic at home, and I made tea for all my teddy bears.

20080127e Teddy Bears Picnic
This is me and Mummy with Sandy Bear, Snuggles Bear and Kaloo Bear

20080126a Teddy Bears Picnic
This is me and ALL my bears having our own picnic at home

Mummy says I have 9 teddy bears. One day I will be able to count that high. I can count all the way up to 10 but I usually get a bit stuck after I get to 4 or 5.

I like learning numbers though. I like watching NumberJacks. I also like learning letters. My favourite toy at the moment is Alphabet Pal, even though I've had it for ages. I am learning to recognise the shapes that make letters and numbers. My favourite song on Alphabet Pal is Yankee Doodle and I know that I have to push the Y button.

I have also moved into a new bedroom since the last time I blogged. Victoria now sleeps in my old bedroom and my new room is really BIG. I have heaps of room for all my toys. Even enough room to ride my bike. I love playing in my new room with Mummy or Daddy.

20080129d Kat goes skiing
Here I am playing in my room - you can see some of my toys in the background

-Love Kat