Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Telling Stories

[Daddy] Daddy stole Kathleen's tummy and sold it on TradeMe. How much did he get?

[Kathleen] Eleven

[Daddy] Eleven what?

[Kathleen] Eleven tummies

[Daddy] So I got eleven tummies. And I gave you one back. How many does daddy have?

[Kathleen] Two.

[Daddy] Only two? So what happened to the other tummies?

[Kathleen] Two are in my pocket.

[Daddy] So I gave you one, you have two in your pocket and I have two. Where are the others?

[Kathleen] In the curtains

[Daddy] Are you sure?

[Kathleen] No

[Daddy] So let's find them. They are in a castle in the sky. Now how do we get to the castle in the sky?

[Kathleen] With the dancing apples.

[Daddy] Do the dancing apples take us to the castle in the sky?

[Kathleen] Yes!

[Daddy] And when we get there, the door is locked. What do we do?

[Kathleen] Abre! [Spanish for open]

[Daddy] And who do we meet there?

[Kathleen] A fairy!

[Daddy] And will she take us to the tummies?

[Kathleen] Yes! She takes us in a tunnel.

[Daddy] And what happens there.

[Kathleen] We dance to a song. And there is a hippopotamus and a lion. And we sing a song. And the lion leaves the tunnel.

[Daddy] And do we get the tummies back?

[Kathleen] Yes

...A little while later:

Daddy, I want my tummy back!