Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Merry Christmas

20091201c Kathleen at balletI have written anything for ages. It has been so busy. I now go to Kereru three days a week - Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Victoria comes with me on a Tuesday. On Thursdays we go to Playcentre with Mummy. On Tuesday afternoons I go to ballet too. I enjoy it all but sometimes I get a bit tired. My favourite thing to do is to watch TV when we get home.

But I won't be going back to Kereru or Playcentre or ballet for a while because it is summer holidays now and everything is closed. That means I get to stay home with Mummy and I like that. It also means I can watch something!!!

I have lots of friends now. Erik is my friend from Playcentre but he goes to school now so I don't see him much any more. I went to his birthday party and he is going to come to mine. Carmel is one of my friends from Kereru but she went away. I hope she is going to come to my birthday party too.

20091115ac Victoria's birthdaySpeaking of birthday's, last month was Victoria's birthday. We went to Lollipops. She is two now. When it is my birthday I am going to be four. I can sing the happy birthday song in Maori. Hari huri tau kia koe.

Last week Mummy and Daddy and Victoria and I went to Wellington for the day. We went to Te Papa. I still don't like the wild boar. We also went to Capital E. I got to do a screen test for a TV programme called Giggles.
20091223b Margaret, Kathleen and Victoria in WellingtonI love watching TV and it would be cool to be on TV too and to meet all my favourite stars. I got to stand in front of the camera and had to do all the things the man said to do. It was fun. You can see a copy of my screen test online but you can't hear any words. Just imagine he is telling me what to do. At the end I was supposed to fly away like a bird but Victoria decided to come and join me instead.

20091213c Santa KathleenThen of course we have just had Christmas. I got a trampoline and a locket and a new long skirt and a fashion designer computer game and a play-tent and lots of other cool things too. We've had lots of fun on the trampoline but it's been too wet to use it much. My Daddy and I went to the video store and I got LOTS of Barbie movies!

Daddy is also going to take me and Victoria to the movies today. And we're going to go to the zoo soon too. It's cool having Daddy home because we get to do so many things.

Luv Kat

Saturday, 12 September 2009


We've been doing heaps of cool things lately. It's been so busy that I wrote this post back in September but forgot to publish it (it's now December!).

20090819b Kathleen at the zooLast month Mummy took Victoria and me to the zoo. It was a long drive there and back but we had a good time. I saw the lions and the red panda and the giraffes and the cheetahs. I ate a hot dog and chips. Afterwards we had lots of fun in the gift shop. Mummy bought me some little zoo animals and Victoria a ball with a butterfly in it. I wanted to go to the playground next to the zoo but Mummy said it was getting too late and we had to go.

Before that, Uncle Richard and Auntie Mardie came to visit. It was really cool. We hung out with them and played with them. We went to the playground and to Nana's house.

20090806p Everyone on the seesaw

Last week Mummy took me to ballet. It was really fun. I got to dance holding a teddy and afterwards I got a sticker. I can't wait until I can go again.

20090813d Kathleen at the gymI go to Playcentre now. I like the dress ups and the Duplo. Sometimes when we go to Playcentre we go to the gym. I love jumping off things. I used to be scared but now I love it. I climb on the coffee table at home and jump off that too. When I went to Playcentre this week, my friend Erik came home with us afterwards and we played with Lego and Transformers. Erik's mummy said I can go and play at his house one day too.

Luv Kat

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Movies and Princesses

I've been sick a lot lately. I've had lots of colds, and I've still got a cough that won't go away. When I'm sick I'm allowed to watch something. I've been watching lots of movies over the last couple of months.

I've seen:

  • Cinderella
  • Snow White
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • 101 Dalmations
  • The Aristocats
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Piglets Big Movie
  • Pooh's Heffalump Movie
I LOVE PRINCESSES !!! And I love pink. And I love wearing dresses. I'm such a GIRLY-GIRL !!!

20090618a Kathleen at playgroup


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Disco Fever

Last month we went to a disco at my pre-school. It was really fun. I danced with Mummy and Daddy and with the teachers. It was on in the evening. I had lollies and chippies and popcorn for dinner!!! I danced to all my favourite songs - like Katy Perry and Hi-5. The next day when I went to Kereru all the decorations were still up in the art room and we had another disco after lunch.

I have a Star Chart at home. Every night when I sleep through the night, I find a star in the morning when I get up. When I get 20 stars I get a reward. Last month my reward was a trip to Lollipops. Mummy and Daddy and Victoria and I went there one weekend. It was a long drive but it was so much fun. I played on the bouncy castle, and in the jungle gym I pretended to be a princess and Mummy had to rescue me. And I went on the merry-go-round and did dress ups. We all had lots of fun. I had so much fun that I fell asleep on the drive home :-(

I have been playing heaps of games lately. Mummy got Candyland out of the toy library and we had heaps of fun playing it. When I win I get to eat candy, but I don't like it when I lose. I also enjoy playing Memory, Snap, Go Fish and Dominoes.

Today Mummy and I played with Lego and that was really cool. We played Lego and drank Milo and I didn't even get out of my pyjamas today. It was fun!

Luv Kat

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


We got a new puppy. His name is Timmy. I like to play with him but he always tries to bite and chew and jump on me and I scream. We had to drive a long, long way to get him.

20090322b Kathleen and Timmy

I now go to creche twice a week. I go on a Tuesday with Victoria and on a Friday by myself. I'm learning lots of new things. I know lots of new songs and some Maori words and can do colouring in. My creche is called Kereru.

My friends at Kereru are Caleb and Reuben and Jamie Lee and Samaya and Kelly and Ashley and Molly.

My favourite games are playing charades and playing zoo. I like to pretend to be a different animal each day. I like it when Mummy be's the big girl and I be the animal, and she be's the big girl seeing the animal.


Thursday, 5 March 2009

We all live in a yellow subramine

Today Daddy and I watched the video about the yellow subramine. Then we had ramoccan lamb for dinner.

I've been doing lots of playing this month.

Daddy took us to the toy library last weekend and got a Noah's Ark filled with animals and a Thomas the Tank Engine and tracks. I've had lots of fun playing with both.

20090228a Kat and Vicky play together

I also do lots of playing at creche every week. The only thing I don't really like about creche is mat time. I have to lie down and be quiet.

Mummy took me and Victoria to visit Playcentre and Kindy as well. I really enjoyed playing at both places and didn't want to go home. Maybe we can go back again some time.

And we've also started going to playgroup and music group in Levin, just like we used to do when we lived in Wellington. Only they've got much better toys at Levin. I like the dress ups, especially the cowgirl outfit, and the balance beam and the roller coaster.

Last weekend it was really windy here and the power went out. That means we couldn't watch television. The best bit about it was that Mummy and Daddy took us out to dinner at McDonald's. I got a book about the rainforest and I got to eat the pasta zoo. I was also allowed fizzy drink! When we got home it was getting dark and we still didn't have any power so we had to have candles. It was really exciting.

Luv Kat

Monday, 2 February 2009

My birthday and other bits

It was my birthday the other week. I got a dolls house for my birthday and a castle and some Polly Pocket dolls. I named the dolls Lou and Poppy. I don't know where Poppy is right now. I love my dolls house. I play with it every day.

20090121h Kathleen's third birthday

Also for my birthday we went to Lollipops for lunch. There was Mummy and Daddy and Victoria and Aunty Tina and Phoebe and Por Por. I had lots of fun playing and climbing and jumping. The other kids there weren't so nice though and didn't want to share (I mean the school holiday program kids, not Victoria and Phoebe).

20090121w Playing at Lollipops

Also for my birthday I got given a Putt Putt computer game and an Alphabet Express computer game which teaches me what words start with what letters. I love trying to guess what letter words start with. Only sometimes it gets a bit confusing - like why does "circus" start with C when it sounds like an S?

Also this month we've been to visit Aunty Lou and Caliope heaps. Victoria and I even had a sleepover there without Mummy and Daddy. It was fun. I played Putt Putt on Caliope's computer. And we went to the playground and the swimming pool and the market.

Victoria and I also went to creche last week for the first time. Mummy stayed for part of the time too. We're going back again tomorrow. I had a good time. I did dress ups and danced to the music and played with the toys and made a pretend picnic basket. We also had quiet time on the mat when we all lay down and listened to the music. I'm looking forward to going again tomorrow.

Well, that's all for this month.

Luv Kat

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hanging out with Daddy

Things I like about hanging out with Daddy ...

1. Playing Grand Theft Auto IV

20090118a Daddy and girls play GTA

2. Watching the movie about the spaceship with fire owies and the pink ribbon in the sky. And there were people and a horse.

3. Helping Daddy make coffee and making a fluffy for me too..

20081209a Kat helps Daddy make coffee


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Eye Spy

Daddy: I spy with my little eye something beginning with C.

Kathleen: I don't know.

Mummy: Something beginning with "Kuh".

Kathleen: Umm, Cat?

Daddy: Yes that's right. Your turn.

Kathleen: I spy with my little eye something beginning with S

Daddy: Speakers?

Kathleen: No, Drink.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Years Resolution

Hi all! Last week we went to a New Years Eve party. Mummy says that at New Years you make "resolutions", which is a big word meaning a promise to do something different. Well this year I promise to blog more often. I haven't been able to blog much in the last year. I used to have naps/quiet time every afternoon, and I would sometimes get on the computer (without Mummy knowing) and either play Reader Rabbit or surf the internet or blog. But now I am a big girl and I don't need naps any more. But that means no time for the computer either.

So here's a run down of the last year ...

JANUARY - My birthday!!!

FEBRUARY - I started going to creche once a week. It was heaps of fun. I loved playing with the Duplo, and reading books by myself. I learnt heaps of stuff, like how to use scissors, and how to paint, and lots of new songs to sing.

MARCH - It was Easter time. I love Easter. I got lots of chocolate eggs. I didn't really like having to find the eggs though. But later in the year Mummy taught me a game called "hot and cold". It took me a while to get the hang of it but now I like to hide things for Mummy and Daddy to find. I think it's more fun if I always hide them in the same place.

APRIL - Mummy and Daddy took the sides off my cot, so now I sleep in a big girl bed. I can also get out of bed whenever I want to. Sometimes I play with my toys at night if I'm not sleepy. In the mornings I get up when there's a 7 on my clock and I go to Mummy and Daddy's room.

MAY - I stopped wearing nappies and started wearing knickers instead. Sometimes I get so busy that I forget to go toilet. But most of the time I go toilet when I need to. I don't need to use the potty any more, I can climb up onto the toilet all by myself.

We went to the circus and I saw the clowns and the juggler and the acrobats and the Witch with the Itch and the Talking Frog and the Black Knight and more.

JUNE - Mimi and Poppa and Auntie Mardie and Uncle Richard came to visit. We went to Lollipops and Junglerama with them. And I got to play with them, and watch cartoons with them and do dances for them.

JULY - Auntie Gayle came to visit. I got to go on a ferry boat. On the ferry boat there were people dressed up as animals, doing dances. We went to the South Island and visited Mummy's cousin Kathy. I watched Nemo and played with toys. We also went to Rotorua. I watched DVD's there too. I loved having Auntie Gayle here because she played with me all the time. Auntie Gayle took me to see Dora at the theatre.

AUGUST - I started going to Playcentre with Mummy and Victoria. I like playing with the dolls house the most. I also like the dress ups and the books and the sandpit. I don't like it when the boys run around and scare me.

Mummy took me and Victoria to the Parent & Child Show, where I saw Dora and Backpack walking around. I got to say Hi to Dora, and she gave me a sticker. I got my face painted like a tiger.

SEPTEMBER - A lady called Gina came and looked after Victoria and I for a few days. Gina's son Jed came too, he is the same age as me. We went to Tiny Town and Te Papa. I love Te Papa, but I don't like the wild boar. It scares me.

OCTOBER - I got chicken pox. It wasn't very nice. I was very miserable, and tired, and itchy.

NOVEMBER - It was Victoria's birthday. I got to help her open her presents. Then we went to the Santa parade in town and I saw Santa. And lots of other things too.

DECEMBER - We moved to a new house. I have a new bedroom. I also have lots of new toys that I got for Christmas. I love playing with my toys. I love playing Shop and I love playing with my Little People and making them do things.

Victoria got a floor puzzle with the alphabet on it (that can be arranged in different ways). I know most of my letters now. Mummy and I like to play a game where she says a letter and I jump to it. I'm really good at jumping now too.

Well, that's it for 2008. Next month I'll post some more.

Love KAT