Monday, 2 February 2009

My birthday and other bits

It was my birthday the other week. I got a dolls house for my birthday and a castle and some Polly Pocket dolls. I named the dolls Lou and Poppy. I don't know where Poppy is right now. I love my dolls house. I play with it every day.

20090121h Kathleen's third birthday

Also for my birthday we went to Lollipops for lunch. There was Mummy and Daddy and Victoria and Aunty Tina and Phoebe and Por Por. I had lots of fun playing and climbing and jumping. The other kids there weren't so nice though and didn't want to share (I mean the school holiday program kids, not Victoria and Phoebe).

20090121w Playing at Lollipops

Also for my birthday I got given a Putt Putt computer game and an Alphabet Express computer game which teaches me what words start with what letters. I love trying to guess what letter words start with. Only sometimes it gets a bit confusing - like why does "circus" start with C when it sounds like an S?

Also this month we've been to visit Aunty Lou and Caliope heaps. Victoria and I even had a sleepover there without Mummy and Daddy. It was fun. I played Putt Putt on Caliope's computer. And we went to the playground and the swimming pool and the market.

Victoria and I also went to creche last week for the first time. Mummy stayed for part of the time too. We're going back again tomorrow. I had a good time. I did dress ups and danced to the music and played with the toys and made a pretend picnic basket. We also had quiet time on the mat when we all lay down and listened to the music. I'm looking forward to going again tomorrow.

Well, that's all for this month.

Luv Kat

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hanging out with Daddy

Things I like about hanging out with Daddy ...

1. Playing Grand Theft Auto IV

20090118a Daddy and girls play GTA

2. Watching the movie about the spaceship with fire owies and the pink ribbon in the sky. And there were people and a horse.

3. Helping Daddy make coffee and making a fluffy for me too..

20081209a Kat helps Daddy make coffee