Wednesday, 1 April 2009


We got a new puppy. His name is Timmy. I like to play with him but he always tries to bite and chew and jump on me and I scream. We had to drive a long, long way to get him.

20090322b Kathleen and Timmy

I now go to creche twice a week. I go on a Tuesday with Victoria and on a Friday by myself. I'm learning lots of new things. I know lots of new songs and some Maori words and can do colouring in. My creche is called Kereru.

My friends at Kereru are Caleb and Reuben and Jamie Lee and Samaya and Kelly and Ashley and Molly.

My favourite games are playing charades and playing zoo. I like to pretend to be a different animal each day. I like it when Mummy be's the big girl and I be the animal, and she be's the big girl seeing the animal.