Saturday, 12 September 2009


We've been doing heaps of cool things lately. It's been so busy that I wrote this post back in September but forgot to publish it (it's now December!).

20090819b Kathleen at the zooLast month Mummy took Victoria and me to the zoo. It was a long drive there and back but we had a good time. I saw the lions and the red panda and the giraffes and the cheetahs. I ate a hot dog and chips. Afterwards we had lots of fun in the gift shop. Mummy bought me some little zoo animals and Victoria a ball with a butterfly in it. I wanted to go to the playground next to the zoo but Mummy said it was getting too late and we had to go.

Before that, Uncle Richard and Auntie Mardie came to visit. It was really cool. We hung out with them and played with them. We went to the playground and to Nana's house.

20090806p Everyone on the seesaw

Last week Mummy took me to ballet. It was really fun. I got to dance holding a teddy and afterwards I got a sticker. I can't wait until I can go again.

20090813d Kathleen at the gymI go to Playcentre now. I like the dress ups and the Duplo. Sometimes when we go to Playcentre we go to the gym. I love jumping off things. I used to be scared but now I love it. I climb on the coffee table at home and jump off that too. When I went to Playcentre this week, my friend Erik came home with us afterwards and we played with Lego and Transformers. Erik's mummy said I can go and play at his house one day too.

Luv Kat