Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Merry Christmas

20091201c Kathleen at balletI have written anything for ages. It has been so busy. I now go to Kereru three days a week - Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Victoria comes with me on a Tuesday. On Thursdays we go to Playcentre with Mummy. On Tuesday afternoons I go to ballet too. I enjoy it all but sometimes I get a bit tired. My favourite thing to do is to watch TV when we get home.

But I won't be going back to Kereru or Playcentre or ballet for a while because it is summer holidays now and everything is closed. That means I get to stay home with Mummy and I like that. It also means I can watch something!!!

I have lots of friends now. Erik is my friend from Playcentre but he goes to school now so I don't see him much any more. I went to his birthday party and he is going to come to mine. Carmel is one of my friends from Kereru but she went away. I hope she is going to come to my birthday party too.

20091115ac Victoria's birthdaySpeaking of birthday's, last month was Victoria's birthday. We went to Lollipops. She is two now. When it is my birthday I am going to be four. I can sing the happy birthday song in Maori. Hari huri tau kia koe.

Last week Mummy and Daddy and Victoria and I went to Wellington for the day. We went to Te Papa. I still don't like the wild boar. We also went to Capital E. I got to do a screen test for a TV programme called Giggles.
20091223b Margaret, Kathleen and Victoria in WellingtonI love watching TV and it would be cool to be on TV too and to meet all my favourite stars. I got to stand in front of the camera and had to do all the things the man said to do. It was fun. You can see a copy of my screen test online but you can't hear any words. Just imagine he is telling me what to do. At the end I was supposed to fly away like a bird but Victoria decided to come and join me instead.

20091213c Santa KathleenThen of course we have just had Christmas. I got a trampoline and a locket and a new long skirt and a fashion designer computer game and a play-tent and lots of other cool things too. We've had lots of fun on the trampoline but it's been too wet to use it much. My Daddy and I went to the video store and I got LOTS of Barbie movies!

Daddy is also going to take me and Victoria to the movies today. And we're going to go to the zoo soon too. It's cool having Daddy home because we get to do so many things.

Luv Kat