Monday, 22 February 2010

My Birthday

My birthday was in January. I had a birthday party. My friend Erik came and so did Jamie-Lee. I asked Carmel to come but she couldn't so I was sad about that. We played pass the parcel and musical cushions. Mummy made me a teddy bear birthday cake. I got lots of presents too. Mostly things for my hair, like headbands and hair ties.

20100116p Kathleen's birthday party

My birthday party was at the weekend but my birthday was actually during the week. So on the day it was my real birthday I got even more presents. I got a music box with a Pegasus on it, and a brand new bunk bed! I also got some princess books. My favourites are Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. I got to have lunch in Palmerston North with Daddy and choose which sheets and blankets I wanted for my bed. And I got a CD player so I can listen to story CD's in bed.

20100121k Kathleen's birthday presents

Now I am four. I can't start school until I'm five although I'm SO ready as Mummy says. I'm one of the older ones at my preschool now. Mummy and I went on a visit to Koputaroa School where I'm going to go and I already know half the children in the Year 1 class. My friend Ashley goes there too and she is in Year 2. Mummy said there is a school one day a week for four year olds and I'm really looking forward to doing that.