Monday, 3 January 2011

Kowhai Park

I went to a cool playground in Wanganui.

20110103b Kowhai Park, Wanganui

I played on almost everything.

20110103o Kathleen swinging

I went there with all my friends – Caliope, Lulu, Tina, Phoebe, Wayne, and with my Mummy and Victoria.

I liked the water sprinklers and I liked the Helter Skelter slide.

20110103q Kat under the water sprinkler

I had Subway for lunch. I had an ice cream too, it was banana berry flavour. It was really sunny.

I liked the pirate ship very much. I liked exploring it.

20110103i Pirate Ship, Kowhai Park, Wanganui

I’d like to go back there one day because I’ve only been once.


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