Friday, 4 February 2011

My First Week at School

My first day at school was on Wednesday. It wasn’t my very first day though because I had four visits at the end of last year.

20110202a Kathleen's first day of school

I am in Room One. My teachers name is Mrs Swanson. There are four boys and two girls in my class. I sit at the same table as Kayleigh. I have my own cubbyhole where I keep my hat and my pencil case.

20110202b Kathleen outside her classroom

On my first day Mrs Swanson took us to see the school pool and the library. I brought my swimming togs to school every day this week but haven’t been in the pool yet. At the library I chose a book about an elephant. I wrote the alphabet two times, once in upper case and once in lower case.

On my second day I wrote the letter K on a piece of paper and coloured it in with crayon. Then I painted dye over the top. We all took our letters to see this man called Mr Orr (mummy told me he’s the principal) and he gave us each a sticker. I also have a sticker chart in my classroom. I got two purple frog stickers on it today. One was for quietly finding an activity to do, and the other was for reading quietly. And we made envelopes for keeping gold slips in.

On my third day I had a picture of a girl and I had to put clothes on her using collage. Rooms 1, 2 and 3 all went to the assembly room and we sang songs. I didn’t know the song but it had something about Sunshine and Boogie in it. At lunchtime it was too wet to go out so Rooms 2 and 3 came and joined us in our room and we played games.

20110202e Koputaroa School


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