Friday, 21 January 2011

My Birthday

My birthday was very nice. I got some princess stickers and a spirograph. I made a lovely picture. I got a computer game called Spy Fox.

20110121e Kathleen opens presents

I went to the library school holiday program. I saw my friend Lucy and I saw Ben from school. I saw Zappo the magician. Victoria and Mummy and Daddy came too. I got given a book to keep and an award necklace.

We went to the swimming pool park and played. We had lunch at the movie theatre. My dad thought I was going to the dentist but he was wrong. I was going to the movies to see a movie called Tangled. It was about a princess called Rapunzel. I liked Rapunzel’s friend because he was funny.

I went to Fisherman’s Table for dinner because it is my favourite restaurant. I had a lovely salad and chicken. I watched the waves and the rocks through the window but I didn’t see any whales. I had a chocolate and caramel ice cream for dessert. I drank a Pink Panther.

20110121q Kathleen at Fishermans Table

I had a really fun day.


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